I do not find Donald Trump interesting anymore

When Trump first started his campaign he tapped into voter anger over what liberals and the Washington establishment had been doing.  But now he is just angry at anyone who challenges him on the facts and the issues and he is making up history.

His attacks on George W. Bush are just absurd.  They have been debunked by Congressional studies and independent studies.  They were also debunked by Trump's own book published a year before Bush took office where Trump talked about WMD in Iraq.  Was Trump "lying" when he wrote that, or did he just believe what the intel community was telling the Clinton administration?

No wonder a South Carolina paper suggest debate moderators shut off Trump's microphone if he does not stop interrupting other candidates.  Based on past performance Trump would probably argue that it is "unfair" to make him abide by the rules of the debate.

Yesterday Sen. Tom Coburn said Trump had fabricated a quote suggesting that he  thought Cruz was a liar.  Even after Coburn made clear that he said no such thing, Trump kept using the bogus quote.  Perhaps he is trying to draw Cruz into calling Trump a liar, but it is more likely that Trump is just pathological.

Early voting for the Texas primary began yesterday, and these are just some fo the reasons I voted for Ted Cruz.


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