French mosques found to be terrorist arsenals

Karin McQuinlin:
The French are raiding mosques and not liking what they are finding: hundreds of war-grade weapons, and large quantities of Kalashnikov ammunition.

French Interior Minister Cazeneuve reported, "In 15 days we have seized one third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year."

The liaison between French imams and the French government has told Aljazeera “according to official figures and our discussions with the interior ministry, between 100 and 160 mosques will be closed.”

France has 2,600 mosques. In addition, 2,235 Muslim businesses and homes have been searched. There have been 232 arrests.

Meanwhile, in America, we are being mercilessly lectured to by the Democratic Party that questioning the importation of citizens from a jihadi culture is racist.

How do the Republican candidates approach this threat? Trump is calling for a moratorium on all Muslim immigrants. Senator Cruz has introduced legislation designating the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization (which would enable us to deal with many jihadi front groups in America); introduced the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act of 2015, to bar refugees from countries with substantial territory controlled by a foreign terrorist organization; legislation to allow state governors the power to bar refugees from their states; and twice introduced the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which bars Americans who join ISIS or other terrorist groups from re-entering the country. Rubio voted against the Musim immigration moratorium bill and has no proposals to limit jihadi refugees. His Gang of Eight bill would have allowed unlimited Islamic immigrants.
I think Cruz has the most realistic plan and the one that is also most likely to survive a court challenge.  As I have noted before Muslims have long used mosques to hide weapons and war supplies.  The Greek Parthenon  is in ruins because the Turks converted it into a mosque and then stored gun powder and other weapons in it.  At some point, the explosives were ignited blowing a large part of the ancient building apart.

It is very foolish to treat mosque like just an ordinary worship facility.


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