Brits develop multi-function armor tool

It looks more like a Transformer, and could be the new sting in the British Army's tail.

The 'Swiss Army Knife' combat vehicle, so dubbed because of is armoury of tools, now comes complete with a telescopic investigation arm, an upgrade on the existing Terrier ordered by defence chiefs.
Widely regarded as the 'Swiss Army Knife of combat engineering vehicles, the BAE Systems' Terrier
Aptly named 'Terrier', it has been designed to meet the challenges of warfare on the battlefields of the future.

It can probe for buried explosives and split solid concrete with a rock hammer that stretches more than 26 ft (8m) away from its body.

The mammoth machine can now wade through deep waters and withstand waves of up to six and a half feet (2m).

The remote controlled 32 tonne machine was originally launched as part of a £360m project in June 2013 to dig holes, lift objects, drill into the ground and even shatter concrete with troops a safe distance away.

But it has been now been enhanced with sophisticated new technologies and systems by defence engineers at BAE Systems, ensuring it keeps a step ahead of competitors.

One of the upgrades is a ripper that can tear up roads or runways, rendering them useless to the enemy, and an earth augur that drills holes for use in combat engineering.
There is also a video at the link showing the vehicle in action and other descriptive photos.  It looks like a good tool for breaching defensive lines of the enemy.


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