Apple offering aid and comfort to terrorist enemy

NY Times:

In Privacy Dispute With U.S., Apple Holds the Cards

The battle between Apple and law enforcement officials over unlocking the iPhone of a San Bernardino gunman is heading toward a predictable conclusion: In the long run, the tech companies will emerge victorious.
Apple could very well lose this argument or it could also find itself fighting a more difficult fight to keep its flagship product on the market.  If terrorist keep using its phones to cover their tracks, Congress could very well ban the sale of iPhones just as it bans the sales of machine guns today.

Think of one of the scenarios in the old TV series 24.  Terrorists planning and attempting to execute mass murder on an even grander scale than that in San Bernadino while using an iPhone to cover their tracks.  It would be irresponsible not to stop them.

Apple is just dead wrong on this and their actions could get a lot more people killed.


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