Unsettling the 'science' of global warming

Melanie Phillips:
It’s over – but its adherents will never admit it. Just as the exposure of the excesses of Stalinism drove many true believers into an ever more fanatical and deluded defence of Soviet communism, so the conclusive destruction of anthropogenic global warming theory is provoking ever more fantastical contortions by warmist zealots who, contrary to all reputable evidence, claim that the planet is about to turn into a furnace and (pace Bob Geldof) it’s all over for the human race.

The recent release of the IPCC’s Final Draft Report of the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis revealed, beyond any measure of doubt, the intellectual vacuity, sophistry, and outright corruption of the AGW industry. Presented as an authoritative statement of the current state of climate change evidence, it was nothing of the kind. Indeed, it wasn’t even any kind of statement of evidence. It was instead a politicised draft summary of evidence that was to be amended to ‘ensure consistency between the full Report and the Summary for Policy-Makers’. As Lewis Carroll might have said: conclusions first, rigged evidence to follow.

The report was notable for skating over the most salient fact about catastrophic, planet-pulverising global warming: that it is not happening. Reported rows between various governments apparently resulted in an act of censorship so blatant as to be farcical. While carbon dioxide levels have been rising, temperatures have been flat for 15 years – which destroys the claim that higher CO2 leads inexorably to higher climate temperatures.

The report failed to deal with this widening hole in the heart of the theory which justifies the IPCC’s very existence. Well, there’s a surprise. Its sly and perfunctory explanation of ‘a possible redistribution of heat within the ocean’ was sly and perfunctory because there is no scientific confidence in such a claim. And its nod to the possible contribution to the climate standstill from ‘an overestimate of the response to increasing greenhouse gas and other anthropogenic forcing’ was even more coy – because this grossly under-estimated ‘overestimate’ is precisely the reason for the discrepancy.

In other words, the AGW theory – as some of us have been pointing out for the past 25 years -- is total garbage. Past IPCC predictions have all turned out to be false; but still the warmists have steadily warmed up their claim of imminent doom.
They are desperately and bitterly clinging to their dogma in the hopes of imposing control freak regulation of the world's economy in a vain attempt to control the earth's thermostat.  But their assumptions have been proven invalid so they just ignore the science and the facts.


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