Israel, US conduct missile defense test

USA Today:
Tensions over Syria ratcheted up a notch on Tuesday after Russia's Defense Ministry said it detected traces of ballistic "objects" — now claimed by Israel — launched from an area in the central Mediterranean and moving in an easterly direction.

After some initial confusion over who was responsible, the Israeli military said it was behind the launch, saying it was carrying out a joint missile test with the United States, reports from the BBC and Reuters said.

However, it was not immediately clear to what extent the U.S. was involved in the missile test. Earlier, CBS News tweeted that a U.S. official confirmed that American ships or planes were not involved in the missile launches.

Separately, Pentagon spokesman Navy Commander William Speaks told the Associated Press: "I have nothing to confirm those reports whatsoever."

Israel's Defense Ministry told the AP that a single missile was fired but gave no other details. It said the test was "successful."

Russia's state-run Interfax news agency said the "targets fell into the sea."
Other reports indicate that a US intermediate range Sparrow missile was intercepted by an Israeli Arrow missile.  I suspect it was a test of the missile defense system to be used if Syria or Iran launch attacks against Israel.


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