The mistakes of the blue model on minimum wage

NY Times:

Washington Push for Higher Minimum Wage for Workers Has Walmart Balking

An attempt by Washington to force profitable chain stores to pay higher wages than the city’s minimum has infuriated Walmart.
Washington will have fewer new jobs as a result of this bad policy.  They will have fewer people entering the work force and building a resume and they will have more people on welfare.  This is just not smart policy and it appears to be kowtowing to the wishes of the union bosses who want to push unrealistic wages on stores like Walmart.  It is mistakes like this that led to the debacle in Detroit.

It is especially egregious in Washington DC because the poor are the ones who benefit the most from having a Walmart to shop in.  It is a store that has raised living standards by selling at lower prices.  While Walmart hasw a low wage structure, some of its employees have achieved great wealth by staying with the company and acquiring Walmart stock.


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