Senate insiders say Perry is a leading candidate for GOP in 2016

Paul Bedard:
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who stumbled out of the GOP presidential primary gates in 2012, appears poised for a revival in the upcoming 2016 primaries, according to key congressional aides and members who are already sizing up the Republican field.

Perry joins Sens. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio as the Republicans most likely to win the nomination, according to the aides, several of whom were involved in the past two presidential elections, and a handful of members including a key Senate conservative.

Missing from the list: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who the insiders said is too blunt and moderate to punch through the early conservative presidential primaries and caucuses. Some polls, however, put Christie at the top of the 2016 field.

Perry's emergence, though, is something of a surprise. Insiders credit his ability to create jobs in Texas and challenge the president on employment. He is also starting his own national jobs campaign, with stops in New York and Connecticut to urge businesses to move to Texas.
Perry can campaign on unleashing the potential for jobs in this country the way he has in Texas.  Polling continues to show that jobs and the economy  are the main issues for voters and Perry should own those issues.  With a strong debate coach he could put himself in contention for the nomination.


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