The excuse machine at the IRS

NY Times:

Confusion and Staff Troubles Rife at I.R.S. Office in Ohio

Alienated from the broader Internal Revenue Service culture and given little direction, specialists in a Cincinnati office struggled with the caseload of groups seeking tax exemptions.
This looks like an attempt to isolate the responsibility for the IRS abuse and excuse it in some way.  But, this problem goes well beyond the culture at one office.  There's a broader culture that targets critics of the agency with audits within days of their gripes.

The abuses of Tea Party groups go well beyond the IRS as the Obama administration used every regulatory power within the Justice Department to harass groups like True the Vote with audits from the ATF, OSHA and the FBI.  Things like that don't happen without direction from the top.  It appears that a high ranking official in the Justice Department was determined to thwart the groups voter integrity project and was willing to use all the power at their disposal to do so.

I suspect Eric Holder.  He opposed efforts to limit voter fraud and voter ID laws pushed by True the Vote.  He apparently wanted to go beyond political opposition into use of government powers to try to bankrupt the organization and its leaders.  One of the things that scared Democrats was the group found bogus registrations in Democrat districts where people were giving vacant lots and store fronts as their address.  I believe this was done to allow multiple votes that would have been detected with a voter ID system.


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