The perils of voting for Obama

NY Times:

As Cuts Begin, Virginia’s Feast on U.S. Funds Nears an End

Washington and its suburbs are in line to experience the largest economic hit of any region from the $85 billion in sequestration cuts, in large part because of a slashed defense budget.
I have to believe that Mitt Romney would have found away to avoid the sequester and the defense cuts.  He proposed a real tax reform, while Obama's greed made him push for higher taxes on the rich even though he knew it was objectionable to not just the Republicans in Congress, but also their base.  In doing so he solidified the opposition to his agenda. It is just one of his many early second term screw ups.  There will be more, I am sure.  Obama is a idealog who maybe the most incompetent deal maker in history.   It is hard to get a deal when you are asking the other side to commit suicide.

If revenues were really the issue he could get an easy trillion by lifting the restrictions on drilling on federal sites.  He would get far more money from that than he will ever get from taxing the oil companies more.  He could also get increased revenue from the growth in the US economy that would come from the kind of tax reform Republicans have proposed.  His greed is killing the economy.

Virginia made a huge mistake by voting for Obama.  The voters should have known what to expect from him.


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