The EPA's discrimination on disclosure

Washington Examiner:
Environmental Protection Agency officials are making an "on-going practice" of "near-immediate turnaround to provide records to environmentalist pressure groups," while imposing "starkly disparate treatment of groups with different perspectives but which are otherwise similarly situated," a conservative think tank charges today in a unusually lengthy Freedom of Information Act request."

In the 21-page request, Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner said "the public particularly deserves to know whether EPA is singling out groups it does not perceive as friendly to EPA's agenda for discriminatory treatment, in the form of denying fee waivers, placing a barrier to access at minimum to delay and possibly denying access to public records."

Horner said the FOIA request, which was officially filed late Sunday, came about "as a result of our recent experience of agencies, particularly EPA, improperly using denial of fee waivers to impose an economic barrier to access, an improper means of delaying or otherwise denying access to public records, despite our history of regularly obtaining fee waivers. We are not alone in this experience."
If Horner is correct this sounds like typical Chicago style thug politics.  It si just the sort of thing we have come to expect from the Obama administration.  I think it is a good request.  Do you think they will waive the fee for this one?  Ha.


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