Cyberstorm--The Book

Mathew Mather has written a compelling narrative of how cyber attacks and natural disasters can combine to drive people into a primitive existence that becomes quickly desperate.

Cyberstorm is a real page turner taking the lives of a few families in New York City struggling for survival when the power goes off and the city is brought to a virtual stand still because of snow storms that compound the difficulties.  Michael Mitchell teams up with a neighbor friend who is something of a "prepper."  Their struggle to survive is made more difficult by the treachery of others.  I found the narrative plausible and interesting.

The book was not what I expected  but it is a riveting account of how ordinary citizens are impacted by what they believe to be a cyber attack from sources they can't determine.  What I expected was a story about government operatives trying to trace the attack and respond to it.  Perhaps that maybe the material for a future book, but this is one shows the struggle to survive and that is another important aspect of how many of us would have to respond.

The book is available from Amazon for $ .99 through the end of the March 15, 2013.  You may want to jump on this deal.  It is worth far more.


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