The administration's 'crazy,' 'common sense' gun policy?

If you listen to the media and to the administration the current proposals, what ever they are, by Obama are just common sense that everybody supports and any opposition is just crazy.  From Piers Morgan to Chris Wallace you get the suggestion that opponents to regulation of gun ownership is "just crazy."  Wayne LaPiere can make a statement that sounds inarguable such as crooks want obey background check requirements" and people call him crazy.  Obama says most people support his proposals even if the proposals would have done nothing to stop the shooter in Connecticut.  What is the message here?

The proponents of tighter restrictions on gun purchases want people to decide whether to support their proposals not on reasoned debate, but upon whether they should be categorized as crazy.

Meanwhile the criminally insane are not crazy enough to be called crazy and locked up.  They will be left to roam the streets creating a danger to themselves and others.  Now that is crazy.


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