Rove's new effort under fire

NY Times:

New Rove Effort Has G.O.P. Aflame

The strategist Karl Rove and his allies have drawn ire for creating the Conservative Victory Project, their effort to help rebuild the Republican Party and win control of the Senate.
Aflame sounds a little hot.  There are some critics of the program as originally described because it painted with two broad a brush and overlooked the establishment candidates that also lost.  I suspect that is because inside the GOP establishment, the flame outs of Todd Akins and Richard Mourdoch affected other races and made them harder to win.

I see two things that Rove's group can do to help voters and candidates.  First they should identify the candidates getting support from Democrat dirty tricks efforts.  That would have exposed Akins in the primary process and given stronger candidates a better chance.  The second thing that must be done is to school the winners of the primaries in how to answer gotcha questions about abortion and rape.  The media loves those questions because they love abortion for the most part and learning how to deal with those question with compassion and empathy is fundamental.

Rove also needs to explain how his efforts would not block candidates like Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.  All three of these guys are stars who will be the new leaders of the party.


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