One of Obama's biggest lies about health care law

Who believed President Obama when he swore that under the Democrats' health care overhaul, "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan"?

No one should have.

The promises of ObamaCare have been empty, cynically made for political expediency with the understanding that the public has a short memory.

But this one lingers, as it should, because it was so obviously faithless the moment it was uttered.

Some politicians will say most anything to get elected or to pass legislation. Truth is optional.

And that is exactly the case with ObamaCare, which, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will push 7 million Americans off of their employer-based health plans by 2022. So much for the law's goal of introducing an era of universal coverage.

The 7 million figure, reported Tuesday, is a revision.

The CBO's previous estimate, released in August, was roughly half the size.

So where does it end? Will the next estimate double the current projection to 14 million?

It's a fair question. Roughly 55% of Americans are insured through their employers.

How many will lose the plans that they like due to government meddling in a system that was broken by government in the first place? Employer-based coverage as it has evolved from government policy isn't ideal.

Actually there are millions of members of the military and retired veterans who are about to have their helth care benefits increase more than people in the private sector witht he changes to Tricare that Obama has in mind.  This is one he has no excuses for.  He can't blame it on the mean old insurance companies becasue the government is the one that is 100 percent responsible for screwing those who have made the biggest sacrifices for this country.  So add everyone in the military and who retired with benefits to that 7 million number from the CBO.


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