Documents found in Mali show al Qaeda war plans

Al-Qaeda leaders might live as outlaws in the depths of the Sahara, but they remain sticklers for bureaucratic protocol. When the "prince" gathers his Council, a detailed note is taken and the meeting carefully numbered.

We know this because the record of the 33rd meeting of the leadership of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) was found by the Daily Telegraph in Timbuktu. It shows that the group took a decision with profound consequences.

At that moment, 18 March 2012, guerrillas from the Tuareg minority and Ansar al-Dine, a jihadist group, were on the verge of capturing northern Mali. They had just taken a string of Saharan towns near the border with Algeria.

The document shows that Abu Musab Abdul Wadoud, the "prince" of AQIM, chaired a gathering of senior commanders with the apparent aim of ensuring that his movement would gain most from the seizure of this territory.

This 42-year-old Algerian is one of his country's most wanted men and a veteran jihadist. Before helping to found AQIM in 2006, he spent more than a decade as an Islamist footsoldier in Algeria's brutal civil war .

Wadoud outlined a "proposal and a vision for the future issued by one of our notables and member of the Consultation Council Ahmed Jebri". Wadoud is recorded as saying: "We have looked carefully into it and have found it interesting and satisfactory for this period of time, therefore we thought we would present it for you to discuss and give it careful consideration."

Jebri's idea was to praise Ansar al-Dine for their "victories during the latest encounters which have been carried out by our Muslim heroes on this grand desert".

He added: "This heroism thrilled and reassured us following what we had thought to be an unknown fate because of the lack of complete gathering of information."

But there was a sting in the tail. AQIM wanted a share of Ansar al-Dine's impending capture of northern Mali. In fact, it wanted to take over completely. "We had to think of the necessity to draw a plan to command and control the jihad activities there at this critical moment and target all efforts to achieve the required goals".

There is more.

Al Qaeda is like a parasite looking to profit from the efforts of others while it creates chaos it hopes will give it space to capture control of more real estate and people.  When it gets control it uses Shariah Law to dominate the people.


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