Democrat spending delusions

NY Times:

Democrats Seek to Stave Off $1 Trillion in Cuts

House Democrats were counting on the arrival of federal furloughs and layoffs to make Republicans more receptive to a solution that would combine cuts with closing tax loopholes.
I think Republicans think cutting federal employment is a good thing for getting the budget under control.  They also think cutting loopholes without reducing the rates would give up any opportunity for future tax reform so they will oppose that.

We can expect Democrats to revert to their old games of accusing Republicans of stealing food from the mouths of babes and the elderly, yada, yada.  

The Democrats can be pretty predictable when they are desperate.  What Democrats could do is agree to good faith compromises on entitlement reforms that would make those programs sustainable and solvent in the future, but that is something Democrats are still unwilling to do and there are no Democrats will to show leadership on the issue.

Democrats really need to do something about their spending addiction.  It looks like the sequester is the closest thing to an intervention we are going to get.


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