Using the death of kids to push unrelated anti gun wish list

NY Times:

Biden Offers Glimpse of Gun Control Plan Coming in Days

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Thursday cited efforts to curb access to high-capacity magazines and the need for what he called “near universal background checks.”
Would universal back ground checks have stopped the Connecticut  shooter from taking his mom's weapons and using them?  In fact the universal back ground checks would have not been effective at stopping any mass murder in recent years.  It is all about helping the over matched Chicago police try to trace the sources of weapons used in the serial murder epidemic caused by the Mexican cartels and the unwillingness to to put force to space ratios needed on the street to stop the shooters.  In fact if Chicago would adopt the kind of policing the ACLU is trying to stop in New York it could make a real dent in crime.

As for the high capacity magazines, there are apparently thousands of people all over this country who have them and do not commit mass murders, yet they are being singled out because there is a lack of seriousness about taking people who are mentally ill off the streets where they are a danger to themselves and others.  In fact, the ACLU again stopped the Connecticut legislature from passing a bill that would have helped the shooter's mom get him institutionalized.  In fact the one thing the shooters in mass killings seem to have in common is not their weapon but their defective mental state.


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