Incompetence has its rewards in the Obama administration

Only in Washington can someone who is singularly identified with failure not only be commended for it, but also actually win promotion to even greater responsibility.

America, meet Jack Lew, your next Treasury secretary.

Taking over from outgoing Tim Geithner is a big job, with debt-ceiling talks looming and the start of some $2.3 trillion in sequestration cuts set to kick in.

Is Lew the right person for it?

Well, over the past three years, while he was OMB director and Obama's chief of staff, the U.S. has run deficits of over a trillion dollars a year, with no shrinkage in sight. Our national debt has exploded by a third, to just over $16.4 trillion.

Lew is one of those guys who tries to deny the obvious.  He is like the man caught on the couch with his mistress telling his wife, "Are you going to believe me are your lying eyes?"  He steadfastly denied the obvious on the deficit when questioned by Sen. Sessions who as a result has said he will block his nomination.  I expect Harry Reid will try to change the Senate rules to try to get him through, but he has alienated most Republicans already.  He is a very bad choice for a President who won election claiming he would walk Sen. McConnell's dog.


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