Disappointing vote to give Obama his tax hike

I am sure Obama will be trying to sell the vote this week as a tax cut for the middle class.  What is interesting about that is for nearly 10 years he and other Democrats have been saying the Bush tax cuts were just for the rich.

They have been engaged in the politics of fraud and getting away with it because Republicans have generally ignored their false and misleading statements.  Beginning now the Republicans need to call them on their big lie about doing something about the deficit.  Since Obama has zero plan for reducing the deficit or the debt, it is time to start hammering him and the Democrats for their irresponsible spending.

You can find out how your congressman voted here.   My congressman, Mike McCaul voted "No."  Good for him and the others who also voted No.  It is now time to get onto the fight over spending and that is a fight where Republicans have an advantage if they are willing to use it.  The will be held accountable if they don't.


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