But he has so much to apologize for

NY Times:

Speech Reveals an Evolved and Unapologetic President

President Obama’s second inaugural address indicated a leader unbound from much of what defined him four years ago, and who is less willing to negotiate by moving to the center.
What compromises has Obama made with Republicans on healthcare or the stimulus?  None.  His only compromise was a two year extension of the Bush tax cuts after his party got shellacked in the 2010 election because he would not make compromises.   He appears ready to repeat that mistake, but does not have a majority in the House to push through his bad programs this time.

He is showing Romney to be pretty prescient in describing what kind of President Obama would be when he did not have to face voters again and it is not pretty.  BTW, Romney was right about the Jeep jobs in China and the situation in Mali.  The media sided with Obama on those issues and it seems to be doing everything it can to ignore the facts that are so inconvenient.  The evils of liberalism will be hard to ignore as this administration pushes its agenda of failure, tax and spend.


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