Air ship could revolutionize military logistics

Daily Mail:

Thunderbird 2 flies again: The astonishing airship set to revolutionise haulage, tourism... and warfare 
  • The Aeroscraft can carry three times more than the biggest military cargo planes over thousands of miles
  • Heavily backed by the U.S. military, it is now at the prototype stage and is set for its first test flight
  • It is capable of vertical take off and landing and doesn't even need a landing strip
The downside is that it is a big target if your fighters have not already suppressed enemy ground fire and his air assets.  The upside is you would not have too much concern about IEDs.  There are more images and a short video at the link above.


  1. If you follow the professional media, such as Aviation Week, you are used to seeing articles about aerospace giants, venture capitalist, and universities who are going to reinvent the airship using modern technologies. If you read the small print, you usually see the same organizations have written it off a few years later. The bottom line is that no matter how well you build one, it has proved to be a dead end technology. There is nothing it can do, except maybe cover golf tournaments, that can't be done as effectively and far cheaper using other technologies. If they could find a way to make the Goodyear Drone as visible and iconic as the blimp, they would probably replace even that.


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