Will we finally get answers about latest 9-11 attacks?

James Carafano:
The bottom line: The State Department has been at war with al Qaeda for over a decade -- and they know it. The Diplomatic Security Service, responsible for coordinating security measures for U.S. facilities and the U.S. "country" teams that man them, has received substantial increases in personnel and funding.

With that background as prologue, it is absolutely stunning that the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was so apparently unprepared for the onslaught it faced on 9-11.

Much of post-attack discussion about Benghazi has focused on who knew or said what when. That discussion misses the big picture.

We are in the middle of a long war. The question that should concern us most is: Are we doing everything reasonable to protect U.S. diplomatic facilities and personnel so that they can accomplish their mission? Unfortunately, we don't know the simple answer to that question, because the administration has not given Congress or the American people the basic facts. Here's what we don't know:

* What counterterrorism and early warning measures were in place to proactively address security threats?

* What risk assessments were performed, and what risk mitigation measures were adopted, prior to the attack?

*What contingency planning was undertaken and exercised to respond to armed assaults against U.S. facilities in Benghazi?

*How was the interagency response to the incident organized and managed?

Perhaps we will finally learn something this week. The State Department's Accountability Review Board is slated to release its findings. But the secretary of state herself will not testify on the Hill.
Carafano talks about the way it is supposed to work, with the recent arrest in Jordan before the attacks could be launched.  But we still have no answers for why the Obama administration was so unprepared for the attack in Benghazi.


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