US develops foam to deal with internal injuries on the battlefield

Researchers working on a foam designed to limit internal bleeding of soldiers injured on the battlefield have received $15.5m (£9.6m) from the US military to continue their work.

The foam is formed by two liquids, injected into the body, which mix, expand and harden to create an internal dressing.

Arsenal Medical's product is funded by the Pentagon's Darpa research unit.

One UK surgeon said it could help those far away from a medical facility.
 The technology is still in early pre-clinical stages, but has already been tested on 
The firm hopes that the polyurethane polymer foam will help control internal bleeding for at least an hour, increasing the survival chances of troops wounded on the battlefield.
This is one of those war time medical discoveries that will be adopted by EMS units to deal with trauma patients before transporting them,  It has the potential of saving lives in war time and at home.  The foam is like the insulation foam used in refrigerators and cookers.


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