Not to mention Obama in the White House ...

Opinion Journal:

A Flock of Doves

With Kerry at State, Hagel at Defense would be dangerous.

The instinct for retreat is pretty strong starting at the top.  Obama likes to talk tough and use Hellfires fired from drones rather than do the tough work of capturing the enemy and interrogating him to find out what plans are in the works.

I would prefer Frederick or Kimberley Kagan for Secretary of Defense.  Either of them is smarter than all three of these guys combined.  If Obama is smart enough to go in that direction, Kimberley Kagan who runs the Institute for the Study of War might get the not because Obama would want to get credit for appointing the first woman to the post.  The Kagans helped Gen. Keane develop the surge strategy that was so effective in Iraq.  It was a strategy that Obama, Kerry and Hagel all opposed.


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