Left wing foundations behind effort facilitate voter fraud

Jason Hart:
The progressive W.K. Kellogg Foundation has played a key role in attacks on True The Vote and voter identification laws by funding “national racial justice organization” the Applied Research Center (ARC). In April 2012, ARC’s Colorlines.com partnered withThe Nation to create an election-year feature providing “in-depth coverage of voter suppression efforts nationwide.”

Grant data show that between 2005 and 2010, ARC received $1.12 million from the ACORN-connected Tides Foundation and $715,000 from George Soros’s Open Society Institute. The Ford Foundation gave ARC $1.15 million from 2008 to 2010, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) paid ARC more than $200,000 for “consulting” in 2011.

Starting in 2010, ARC received a massive cash infusion from W.K. Kellogg. The Michigan-based foundation committed $1.2 million to ARC for “general operating support” from 2010-2012, followed by a $400,000 three-year grant beginning March 2012 and another $3.6 million three-year grant in September 2012.

ARC Executive Director Rinku Sen, a board member for AFL-CIO’s Working America, cited “attempts to deny the vote to communities of color” in a release announcing Voting Rights Watch 2012. Nation columnist Brentin Mock was introduced as the project’s star reporter.

Though its W.K. Kellogg funding is part of an “America Healing” initiative purportedly meant to “promote racial healing and address racial inequity,” ARC routinely smears True The Vote and other supporters of commonsense voter ID law as lying racists.
There is much more.

This is an example of how the left wing has taken over the foundation business and is operating tax free to push their weird agenda.  They are really fearful of voter integrity measures and have spread the ridiculous lie that voter ID will "suppress" the vote.  That is nonsense on stilts.  They should be ashamed if they had the capacity for that emotion.


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