It will take substantial spending cuts to sell a tax increase

NY Times:

How to Sell a U.S. Tax Increase Back Home: Make Sure to Cut Spending, Too

Many voters oppose higher taxes as a fix-all to the government’s problems but say they could stomach a deal that had fair tax increases if it included spending cuts.
The Red states have shown the key to prosperity and job creation is spending cuts to fit government within the available revenue.  The Blue states spend more and raise taxes which appears to be what Obama offered in his proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff.  If he does not offer substantial real cuts his proposals will be rejected and he will in effect be raising taxes on nearly everyone.

What is also becoming apparent from these negotiations is that the Democrats big lie campaign about tax cuts for the rich has been exposed.  The Bush tax cuts were mainly for the middle class, but you would never know it from listening to liberals like Obama for the last 12 years.

One of the problems with the proposed compromise is that Democrats will blame the spending cuts for the damage done by the tax increases.

Many of Obama's spending cuts in the past have been fraudulent.  They involve agreeing not spend money that was not going to be spent to begin with.  One alternative to big cuts that could have a better impact on the budget is to do away with the base line budget system which is the vehicle used tgo grow government to unsustainable levels.  Getting rid of that would be a real win for fiscal sanity.


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