Boehner and the negotiations with Obama

NY Times:

House’s Far Right Has Bracing Words for Boehner

Lawmakers warned Speaker John A. Boehner of trouble if he backs any deficit deal that increases taxes.
I suspect these guys are also sending a message to Obama, that if he wants a deal, he is going to have to be more reasonable than he has been in public.  Right now it looks like the parties are a long way apart.  These guys need to be getting their Plan B ready.  I have mentioned what I think is a good alternative to a deal with Obama.  It is the two part tax cut doing a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts on the "middle class," and a separate tax bill that would allow taxes on the rich to go up, but preserve the Bush rates for those taxpayers who operate a small business.  If the Democrats don't go for this the recession will be on their hands.  One of the advantages of this proposal is that they still can use the debt ceiling for leverage to rein in spending.


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