Americans prefer more cops at school, mental health rigors over gun ban

Washington Times:
Americans say the best way to stop mass shootings like last week's school rampage in Connecticut is to increase police at schools and focus on mental health issues — and give lower priority to banning semi-automatic guns, according to the latest Gallup polling (click here for the poll).

The poll found that 87 percent thought putting more police at schools would be at least somewhat effective, and 84 percent thought increasing spending on mental health would help, but only 63 percent thought a ban on semi-automatic firearms would be "very effective" or "somewhat effective," making it fifth on a list of six options Gallup offered.

Indeed, Americans said that trying to curtail the amount of violence depicted on television and in video games would be more effective than a gun ban.

I think I am with those who think there are more effective ways of dealing with the problem than taking guns away from the innocent.  Taking away weapons is constitutionally suspect.  Leaving people with mental health problems out where they can do harm strikes me as a crazy policy which has resulted in these tragedies.  I think that people with mental health issues should also not be playing violent video games  that they are not capable of separating from reality.


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