A dubious argument for tax increases

NY Times:

In Talks, House Majority Weighs Loyalty to Voters

House Republicans, whose constituents do not want their taxes raised, are faced with the pitch that increasing taxes for the affluent will help the nation over all.
Raising taxes on the rich who are already paying more than their fair share of the income taxes will only suck money out of the economy that would have gone to job creation and investment in growing businesses.  Obama would only use it for economic sinkhole investments like green energy or for more redistribution schemes that do nothing to grow the economy.  There is no reason for Republicans to support tax increases.

The only argument that might persuade these members is that doing nothing will only lead to more taxes on everyone.  That being the case they should pass the middle class portion of the Bush cuts and make them permanent.  On the upper income they should pass a separate bill that lets the taxes expire on everyone who does not have a small business.  If Democrats want to kill that one in the Senate they will pay for it in 2014.  If Obama wants to kill it, he will pay for it with a bad economy.


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