Iron Dome and truce strategy with Gaza

Max Fisher:
Israel’s U.S.-funded missile defense system has been, by every appearance, a remarkable success in shooting down rockets fired by Gaza-based Hamas. The expensive system was initially the subject of some skepticism; each Israeli missile costs $50,000 or more, just to shoot down an $800 rocket. Since fighting with Hamas began last week, though, “the naysayers now are few,” as the New York Times put it. Israeli officials say it has a success rate of “80 to 90 percent” and has shot down 300 of the unguided projectiles. South Korea is reportedly interested in an arms deal.

But optimism never lasts long in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg passes along this case, from an unnamed Middle East watcher, for why Iron Dome’s effectiveness could actually hurt Israeli interests.

The argument starts with the idea that current Israeli policies toward Gaza are effective in the short term but counterproductive in the long term; that Israel should be pursuing a mutually agreeable peace with Gaza, which is not served by periodic fighting. In this thinking, Iron Dome will make it easier for Israeli leaders and voters to ignore the problem, making continued conflict safer for Israelis but also more likely to persist.
First the missile defense system is cost effective, when weighed against the damage done by the incoming missile as oppose to the cost of it.  The cost of repairing or rebuilding structures, not to mention the lives saved would be far greater than $50,000.  I also think the economies of scale will reduce the cost over time.

More importantly, there is no realistic hope of a long term solution with the Hamas death cult.  Their religious bigotry drives them to genocidal death wish when it comes to Israel.  It is in their founding documents and in their DNA and it is taught to every young Palestinian from birth.  Anyone who thinks there is any prospect of  a long term peace deal with them is just not paying attention.


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