Dishonest attacks on Romney continue

John Nolte:
Apparently, Democrats are so perfect, Republican Joe Scarborough once again has all kinds of time to rip into Mitt Romney. Today, on the pages of The Enemy, Morning Joe gives more aid and comfort to the media by ripping into Romney for his statement about how Obama turned out his base with the help of government-funded "gifts" aimed at various constituencies:
For Mr. Romney, the gaffe caught on camera and made public in September was that 47 percent of Americans are victims, grifters and thieves. And in a conference call with supporters on Wednesday, the former Massachusetts governor further exposed just how sheltered his life has been by explaining that these grifters were mostly minorities bought off with "gifts" from Barack Obama.
In the statement in question, Romney mentioned the fact that free health through ObamaCare and the granting of amnesty would woo lower-income Hispanics.

How is that not true?

When Obama granted that amnesty in the heat of the 2012 campaign, the same media beating Romney up today for his "gift" comments, breathlessly informed all of us that this amnesty move would help Obama with the Hispanic vote.

Moreover, Romney also said what the media did about the effect of ObamaCare on students; that being able to legally leach off mommy and daddy's health insurance well into their twenties was a huge incentive to come out and vote for Obama and ObamaCare.

Sounds like everyone's attacking Romney for agreeing with the media, the Democrats, and reality.
The free stuff was one aspect of Obama's campaign and the timing of the fee stuff suggest he did it to buy votes for constituent groups that were drifting away because of the economy.  But the main reason Obama won was because of his negative campaign aimed at at suppressing the vote of the white working class by making Romney unacceptable to them.  Obama was helped by campaign finance laws which gave him a free shot in the period after the primaries and before the conventions when Romney would be able to start spending.

Romney is not wrong to point out the free stuff campaign and Republicans make a mistake by criticizing him for it.  They should instead be focusing on a way to effectively challenge the free stuff mentality of voters and the Democrats who use it to buy votes. They also need to develop a more effective response to Democrat negative campaigns.  One thing they can do is move their conventions up to June giving them more time to respond.

BTW, the negative campaign would have happened regardless of who won the Republican nomination.  It was really something Obama had to do to win whether he attacked Bain or the racist rock on Perry's hunting lease.


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