UN not eligible to 'observe' Texas voting

The UN has indicated it is going to send "observers" to watching voting in Texas.  That would probably violate Texas law, which on provides for "watchers" who must be a registered voter in order to qualify.  That would pretty well eliminate any foreign "watchers."  My sources says the law is set forth in Chapter 33 subchapter B sec. 33.031 General Eligibility Requirements of the Texas Election Code.  You may want to check the election code in your own state if targeted by UN "observers."

We may need to notify the Texas Rangers of this attempted foreign interference with a Texas election.

Connie Mack says they should spend their time looking at elections in a banana republic.  Mack is running for the Senate in Florida.  I can't wait to hear what Texas Congressman Ted Poe has to say.


  1. However, the Texas Secretary of State may appoint observers and monitors that don't meet that requirement -- and the Voting Rights Act allows the Department of Justice to do the same. Also, the State Department has in the past invited international observers, and it will no doubt become a federal case if an observer credentialed by the federal government were to be turned away.


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