Romney's trick to beat Obama in debate

Mitt Romney’s spectacular debate performance Wednesday night was the result of a parlor trick only Republicans get to play — the same parlor trick Ronald Reagan used in 1980 to deliver the crushing debate blow to President Jimmy Carter.

After months and months of media portrayals painting him as a vicious plutocrat who tortured his own dog, cut a gay kid’s hair in 1965 and made a steelworker’s wife die of cancer, Romney stood before tens of millions of Americans and . . . wasn’t a monster.

Simple as that.

Reagan did the trick in 1980 with a shake of the head and a “there you go again.” Romney did it Wednesday by spending 90 minutes forthrightly asserting his policies would help Americans, especially middle-class Americans, while the policies of his rival had hurt them and would continue to hurt them.
Romney didn’t look or act like the caricature Obama has spent $300 million trying to burn into the American consciousness. 
He was neither sinister nor condescending. He seemed neither comically out-of-touch nor secretly hostile to the interests of ordinary people. He didn’t sound like a man out to raise the taxes of the deserving middle class to benefit the undeserving rich, or one determined to separate America’s working people from their jobs and retirees from their benefits. 
Rather, he came across like a well-prepared, confident, thoughtful leader with tons of plans at his fingertips, plans he’s eager to use to hoist the country out of the economic ditch. They came at the viewer so fast and in so many bullet points that it’d be surprising if one in a hundred could have recited them back afterward. 
But Romney knew them so well that he parried every single instance in which the president sought to portray his policy ideas as cruel or mean or budget-busting or heartless.
Most important, and most telling, he didn’t seem like an ideological warrior, but a technocratic Mr. Fix-It. This is the case he’s been trying to make for himself for months, but he always faltered at it until Wednesday night.
There is more.

It was the false narrative about Romney that did in Obama, but Obama has come up with a new false narrative since the debate.  the new narrative is that Romney lied about himself and his policies.  This si a particularly dangerous and desperate attempt on Obama's part.  It is always dangerous to just call your opponent a liar because they disagree with you.   What is becoming clear is that Obama can't handle the truth.

What should be obvious to voters is that Obama's original portrayal was not true and calling Romney a liar for demonstrating it was not true is not going to enhance Obama's credibility.


  1. This is the case he’s been trying to make for himself for months, but he always faltered at it until Wednesday night.
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