No longer protected by incumbency

NY Times:

Mauled by Ads, Incumbents Look to Declaw Outside Groups

The onslaught of negative ads in Congressional races has left many incumbents, including some Republicans long opposed to restrictions on campaign spending, considering new legislation.
Outside groups have had the effect of making races competitive.  Many in the media used to think that was a desirable thing, until liberal Democrats started losing along with squishy Republicans.   Outside of Democrats who fear losing their advantage because of their corrupt bargain with labor unions, I just do not see any ground swell looking to cut off freedom of expression for outside groups.

It would be like saying the NY Times could not make endorsements or write favorable stories about liberals.  Those in kind contributions by a liberal advocacy groups known as the NY Times editorial board are little different from the outside groups that target certain races.  Media does not like the outside groups because it makes it harder for them to dictate the narrative.


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