Who knew?--Perry is anti Washington

Caucus Blog, NY Times:
As controversy swirls around rival Herman Cain, the evolving strategy of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas as he readies for the Iowa caucuses in two months has become clear: To paint himself as the most anti-Washington candidate in the Republican field.
On Tuesday, he said the Internal Revenue Service had become a “taxpayer harassment agency.”
And on Thursday, at a carefully choreographed appearance at a company here, he declared that “Wall Street and Washington, D.C. have been in bed together way too long.”
Making anti-bailout comments, he suggested that companies should never be allowed to grow large enough that their failure would hurt the economy.
“If you are too big to fail, you are too big,” Mr. Perry said. “I don’t care whether you are a country or whether you are a corporation.” The comments appeared to be a suggestion to either prevent companies from growing so large that failure posed a systemic risk to the economy, or to break up companies that have already grown that large. A spokesman for Mr. Perry did not respond to a request for elaboration. 
Mr. Perry also stated that regulation and taxes are why corporations have moved offshore, not, as economists believe, for reasons like lower wages or because they have emerging markets for their products in foreign countries.
“They did not leave to begin with just because they could find cheap labor somewhere. That may have been part of a formula, but it is not the reason they left,” he said.
“I would suggest to you they left because they were over-regulated and the cost of that regulation and the tax structure that we have in place in this country is what drove the masses away.”
I think what he is suggesting is that some of the mergers that were permitted to save failing financial institutions were a mistake.  The concentration in the finance business made us more vulnerable during a downturn in the markets.

Democrat housing policies which forced bankers to make bad loans which were in turn monetized and became a cancer in the financial markets almost caused a financial collapse.   These were regulations that nearly destroyed the US banking system and our economy.  Democrats followup with a massive cover up under the guise of the Dodd-Frank laws which failed to address the root cause of the problem, their bad housing policies.

If this was Perry's point he is on the right track.


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