Obama's moratorium caused more damage than the blowout

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Houston Chronicle:

The Obama administration's reactions to last year's BP oil spill did more damage than the crude itself, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Gulf Coast employers told a House committee Thursday.
Barbour said little oil reached Mississippi's shores, but the administration's May 2010 decision to impose a five-month ban on most deep-water drilling has left a lasting impact.
The moratorium "not only cost jobs in all the Gulf states, it hurt the economy nationally by reducing domestic oil production," Barbour told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
Barbour, a Republican who recently ruled out a presidential bid, added that the government is still moving too slowly in approving deep-water projects.
"This will have a lasting impact on an already out-of-balance oil trade deficit," Barbour said. "Great jobs are being lost."


Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said those bureaucratic changes and a subsequent slowdown in the permitting of offshore drilling projects exacerbated economic damage from the spill.
"Much of the suffering and loss from the spill was made worse by poor decisions of administration officials," said Issa, the panel chairman. "When the administration did act, its major accomplishment was a hasty bureaucratic reorganization" and an offshore drilling shutdown that has caused "a paralyzing loss of jobs."

There is more including a defense of the moratorium by regulators. Barbour said there were 3100 wells in the Gulf and to shut down operations because of one bad experience was a mistake that was costing this country jobs and money. The Obama/Salazar energy policies are driving up the cost of energy in the hope that it will make alternatives look more competitive. They are really lowering the standard of living of everyone in the country with a hidden energy tax we are paying to countries we import from.
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