Administration goes regulation crazy

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Washington Times:

The head of the nation's largest business lobby Tuesday announced a stepped-up plan to fight a wave of new federal regulations coming in the wake of President Obama's health care, banking and environmental reforms.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue said in a policy address that the Washington-based group will create special new unit to highlight the burden for big and small businesses from excessive regulation and promised "even greater activism" by the Chamber's legal arm to fend off new regulations in court.

"The biggest single threat to job creation facing us today is a regulatory tsunami of unprecedented force," Mr. Donohue said, noting that Mr. Obama's health care overhaul law alone creates 183 new agencies and federal bodies, while the financial, regulatory overhaul approved earlier this year "has 320 required rulemakings, another 220 suggested rulemakings and over 170 reports and studies."

These regulations are killing growth that we need to pull out of the current debt spiral and pay for the excessive spending of this administration.
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