Democrats struggle to avoid responsibility for economic performance

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NY Times, Caucus Blog:

Democratic candidates across the country will head into the final days before the midterm elections with the unemployment rate hovering just under 10 percent and angst about the economy high.

This morning, for the last time before the voters go to the polls, the federal government will report the monthly number of jobs gained or lost. Either way, economists don’t expect a big change in the current unemployment rate of 9.6 percent.

So how do Democratic candidates offer a final economic argument?

David Plouffe, who managed President Obama’s 2008 campaign and remains a top political adviser, told reporters on Thursday that his party’s candidates should confront anger about the economic crisis head on — and then blame Republicans.

Hey, it is what Democrats do.

They never take responsibility for the mess they make and make no mistake the economic mess is all theirs.

First they torpedoed the economy with a housing policy that put people in homes they could not afford and when the defaults started it rippled through the economy and almost brought the banking industry down where it not for the TARP bailouts.

Then they compounded their mistakes by pushing through a nearly trillion dollar stimulus plan that was really more of a gift to their constituent groups and did not stimulate the economy. Now they want to blame tax cuts and deregulation for their mess.
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