Democrats back job killing minimum wage

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NY Times:

More than 20 years ago, Congressional Democrats pushed for an increase in the minimum wage, only to have the first President Bush veto the legislation. There were fights over the minimum wage again during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and more battles under George W. Bush.

Now, Democrats are once again hoping to revive the minimum wage — currently $7.25 an hour — as a campaign issue that some strategists believe could help cast Republicans as out of touch in tough economic times.

Spurred by comments from several Republican candidates, Democrats and their allies are trying to convince voters that the entire Republican Party wants to lower or abolish the minimum wage.

“All of those candidates are saying, ‘Do away with the minimum wage, do away with regulations,’ and they are getting massive amounts of money from the Republican Party, so you have to say that the Republican Party agrees with those,” said Richard Trumka, the president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. in a conversation with reporters Tuesday.

“Are they going to do away with the minimum wage?” Mr. Trumka asked, rhetorically. “Ask them.”

If you look at unemployment since the Democrats raised the minimum wage a smart person would say it needs to be reduced and adjusted. It has been particularly hard on minority young people who have found it harder to find a job.

Trumka does not care about them, because he has contracts that push up the wages of union workers when the minimum wage is raised. But the higher pay is probably reducing job opportunities for people at that level too.

The article does not really focus on the bad things the minimum wage does. In fairness it should before it buys into a union thugs self serving spin.
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