Democrats trying to turn Palin into Quayle

David Stokes:


The “Dan Quayling” of Sarah Palin continues and this make-her-look-stupid-campaign testifies to the fact that she remains a formidable political figure. The irony of this is largely lost on most of the “beautiful” minds over at NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, & ABC, where the teleprompters double as mirrors.

The charismatic Governor of Alaska draws enthusiastic crowds wherever she goes – even after the defeat of the Republican ticket at the hands of the yes-we-can guys. And the very idea that she can make millions with a book at a time when publishers are shy about taking many risks in these challenging economic times, suggests that the lady has not-too-shabby metaphorical legs, as well as real ones.

Any nine-year-old child or MSNBC show host (pardon the redundancy) understands that the idea is to vex and therefore hex Sarah Palin. The goal is to click repeatedly on her image and drag her into a folder marked either “too dumb to lead,” or “demonize by caricature.”

The problem is, all this will do is make her more popular with an important constituency – her core base, in fact – that could very well propel her to the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Sure, it’s way too early. But did anyone really think a community organizer from Chicago, who had just been elected to his first term as a junior senator, would beat a presumptive nominee named Hillary, not to mention mop up the floor with a genuine American hero en route to the White House, way back in 2005?

For Matthews et al to mock Sarah Palin’s book deal in a way that suggests she doesn’t know how to write and therefore has to depend on a “collaborator” – that word used almost as a synonym for “sneer” by Chris Matthews – is beyond hypocritical.


He goes on to remind us that Kennedy's Profiles in Courage was ghost written by a Harvard historian and then Kennedy's father used his influence to get him the Pulitzer. That is the rich liberals way to success.

The mocking of Sarah Palin is a sign of fear and an attempt to marginalize her popularity with conservative voters. Time will tell how successful the campaign against her will be. Democrats are in full attack mode right now even though she is not running for anything. They will be in a frenzy when she does. It is one of the things I like about her.


  1. It's good to see another Palin supporter speaking up. I've found more and more support for her as time goes on. The mocking will undoubtedly continue, but the tide is already turning against them, as they don't seem to be getting much bang for all the time effort and money they've devoted to this project. The last Rasmussen poll in late January found that Palin's favorable rating has increased to 52 percent since the election, and I'm willing to bet if another poll was conducted now, her rating would be found to have inched up again.

  2. Actually, I like Sarah, but I don't feel she has the experience for something like POTUS. Then again, I don't think Obama has the chops, either. So there you go...

  3. I would like to believe that Sarah is smart enough to be President, but her constant need for media attention is creating overexposure. Too much drama for me. If this is an example of the media circus she creates when she loses, what will be media circus if she wins?

  4. I would like to think Sarah might be smart enough to be President, but the woman creates too much drama. The overexposure of Sarah Palin is starting me to feel she will never be the candidate in 2012 and if she is, I will probably not vote for her.


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