The lightness of Sen. Vaporware

Mona Charin:


Much of his rhetoric is lighter than air — almost content free. It’s the past versus the future, hope over fear, one nation not two, yes we can, turn the page, and so forth. But when you get past the music and really focus on the lyrics, Obama emerges as an utterly conventional, down-the-line liberal Democrat. He claims to be all about the future, but his policy ideas are about as modern as disco and the leisure suit.

She goes on to operate on his magic health care plan and there is not much left after the procedure.


  1. It is truly unbelieveable the pass Obama has gotten thus far in the election. From his weird church he attends to his naive foreign policy remarks to his recent sponsor of the global poverty bill, it is clear he is not at all prepared to be President. Yet, everyone glosses over his inexperience and naivete, because he can "inspire" and can make people feel hopeful and "bring change." Its ridiculous!


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